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(Rated 5 Stars)


My son has been at Kids Kastle since August 2014 and I could not be any happy with his care! Donna is a very special person and really has a special gift with children. She provides a nurturing and positive environment and he has learned so much already! Because of her experience, she can quickly offer tips for managing toddler behavior! (c; I highly recommend Donna as a daycare provider!


August 21, 2014


Donna provided day care service for my 2-year old son for a 10 hour period while my husband and I were at work.  Our son has been under Donna’s care 2 days per week (10-hour days), since February 2014.  “Provided day care service”, however, does not EVEN do justice for what Donna really provides for the children she cares for.  In addition, she provides them with a structured curriculum for learning, appropriate for each child’s age, plenty of play-time both indoors and outdoors, self-help skills, wonderful field trips to various museums, learning centers, nature centers etc., and most importantly, she provides a SAFE and LOVING environment for the children.


My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Kids Kastle!!  We had been looking for a daycare provider for our son for months and months until we finally came across Kids Kastle.  It was truly a BLESSING that we found Donna–she is just what we were looking for in a daycare provider.  Her loving attention to the children was apparent the first day I met her, and our son took to her immediately.  She is full of energy and dedication to the children and it is very obvious that she loves what she does.  My son protests, and often cries, when my husband or I go to pick him up after a day at Kids Kastle because he doesn’t want to come home!!  Our son’s development has skyrocketed since he started going to Kids Kastle–talking, self-help, socialization with other children, etc.–we couldn’t be happier–it is very obvious that he gets loving attention and opportunities for learning all day long at Kids Kastle.  My husband and I feel so at ease by knowing that our son is in a safe and positive environment and is provided with more enrichment and learning than we could have ever imagined he would recieve at a daycare.  And Donna is just such a genuine, caring person and has been such a joy and pleasure to work with.  Anyone who chooses Kids Kastle as a daycare provider for their child/children will not be disappointed.  HUGE praise for Kids Kastle!!!!


Jennifer Campbell


September 1, 2014


Donna cared for my son as if he was her own. We found Kid’s Kastle 3 1/2 years ago when our son was only 14 months old. He just started kindergaten! He learned so much from Donna! She not only cares for the children, but teaches many skills beyond counting ang letters. Donna teaches manners, self-help skills, respect for others and so much more! The children go on educational and stimulating field trips. So much more than any average day care!


Our son loved the home feeling atmosphere of Kid’s Kastle! He just started kindergarten and Donna really helped in preparing him for this big step. We always felt comfortable and confidant leaving our son in Donna’s care. There were times he said he wanted to live there. In fact, during circle time, While Donna was reviewing their names and addresses (a daily routine) the kids would joke around and say they lived at day care. We couldn’t be happier with Kid’s Kastle!


Talia Senna


November 4, 2013


I am looking at these photos and remembering the loving experience my kids had when in your care, Donna. It’s been almost 20 years, with our moves all over the world, and I can now say with certainty, that the beautiful young man and young woman my children have become was highly influenced by the foundation you provided for them.

The photos are good, but unfortunately cannot capture the most important aspects of our experience at Kid’s Kastle… the love, warmth & caring; the fine balance between clear boundaries & flexibility, in terms of connecting with each child where he or she needs to be met; the nurturing of curiosity and learning & your listening to THEIR needs and responding accordingly; and the continual experiences and trips you expose them to. I watched your natural ability with young children and, Donna, you were my coach to parenting. So much of what you taught me by modeling is still with me today.

What strikes me most is that when we came to visit you this past August, after about 14 years of us being abroad, Shlomo, the “kids” and I witnessed the same passion and energy that you exuded when our kids were there! Our kids could connect with the new Kid’s Kastle crew and recall the warm, wonderful experiences they had with you so many years ago. Thank you Donna. We all miss those special times!

Robin Ben-Hur
Psychologist & Executive Coach
Vevey, Switzerland


October 11, 2013



When I was searching for a daycare I looked at over a dozen.  It finally came down to two. Kids Kastle was the winner and I never regretted my decision.  My daughter went to Kids Kastle from 18 months to 4 years old and she loved every minute of it.  Not only was it a clean, fun and loving environment, she also learned so much.  Being a new mom, I felt comfortable leaving my child with Donna.  I still reach out to her for guidance.  She’s really good at what she does, has been doing it for many years and really takes pride in it.  She is sure to keep her CDA up-to-date and attends workshops that will help her to benefit the children.


Christine Michaels


October 9, 2013


My name is Joyce Generoso and my husband is Frank. We are from Norwalk, CT .  Our daughters Melissa and Nicole attended Kid Kastle.

We can’t say enough about the quality of care our girls received while attending Kids Kastle.  Donna had a wonderful way with children.  They all loved and respected her.  She combined her special talents by providing top quality care in a fun, nurturing home environment.
We were hesitant to leave them with anyone other than family but we had no choice.  After meeting Donna and getting great recommendations from other parents we were ready to send Melissa, who was 2 years old at the time.  Very shy by nature we knew this was not going to be easy. Melissa adjusted well due to Donna’s wonderful caring nature.  She actually worked very hard at building up Melissa’s confidence until it was time for kindergarten which she was more than ready for.

Nicole started at Kids Kastle at 4 months old.  She remembers the fun parades around Memorial Day when they would march around the neighborhood playing instruments to music. It was always a fun day at Kids Kastle when it was someone’s birthday.  Donna made sure that you felt special and that you enjoyed your birthday celebrating it amongst friends.  Nicole remembers going apple picking in the Fall and going to the Norwalk Seaport Association.   Donna’s field trips were the best she would say.  She remembers doing art projects and playtime was always fun.  She said that Donna taught and quizzed them on important things like their address and phone number and what to do in case of an emergency. She remembers making good friends and always looked forward to going to Kids Kastle.

Donna and her family really became an extended family and even now 18 years later we still keep in touch.  We were very fortunate to have Donna as part of our lives and feel that she helped shape the girls into the wonderful, smart, caring young ladies that they are today.

Joyce and Frank Generoso




By Stacey     10/17/13     Rated 5 Stars


My daughter was at Kids Kastle Family child care; and that was a great experience with them.  When she first came she cannot say any word in English and after a couple months she spoke English so good.  Any family who would need a good day care for your kids, I invited you to make your choice today.  Go to Kids Kastle.











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